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Name:Austin Wesley Watson-Shaw
Birthdate:Jul 31
Location:New York, New York, United States of America

Austin Wesley Shaw
Austin Shaw was born 7 minutes later than his fraternal twin brother, Angel, and despite sharing the womb, the brothers could not have been more different in any way. Nevertheless, they were the best of friends from birth, and remain very close to this day. Angel pursued a career and love of music, and while Austin can sing, it's not his first love, and generally only consists of karaoke when he gets drunk enough. His heart very much lay where pretty things were, and fashion caught his eye from a young age. His whole family laughs at the story of a seven year old Austin telling his second grade teacher that her outfit clashed and did horrible things to her complexion.

As the resident fashionista, it was no surprise to anyone when, at the age of 12, Austin flung the doors of the closet wide open announcing in front of his grandparents, parents, and Angel at a family dinner, that he liked boys, and intended on having a boyfriend of his very own. Granted, that didn't happen for quite a while, but his family have always been accepting and supportive of his life and the fact that he very much loves men. He's every bit the sassy gay bitch, and a true queen, and he has no shame about it at all.

He was only a couple of years behind brother Angel in losing his virginity, which he did at the age of 16 (though it was hardly the first time he'd fooled around), and from there, there was definitely no looking back. While the twins might not have much in common, they both have a promiscuous streak that neither is ashamed of.

This particular streak, however, scared the shit out of Austin himself when, at the age of 17, he used a fake ID to get into a gay club. He ended up hooking up with a guy there who introduced him to ecstasy, which he used several times over the next few months at bars and parties. This particular extracurricular activity brought things to a head, though, when Austin ended up in a hotel room with several guys one night in what turned out to be an orgy. When he woke, it became very clear to him that he'd had sex with several men, and he couldn't be sure if he'd used protection at all.

Thankful that he still had his cell phone, and able to recover most of his clothing, Austin immediately called Angel to come and get him. He relayed the whole story, inasmuch as he could remember it, to his twin, who ended up being the one who took him to a free clinic to be tested for STDs. By some miracle, he came out okay, but it's an experience he never forgot, and while he still drinks and parties with the best of them, and remains flamboyant, open, and promiscuous, he hasn't touched X, or any other illegal drugs since.

dream like new york
After graduating high school, Austin went to college to pursue a career in fashion at Parsons the New School of Design, where he got his BFA in Fashion Design, before moving on to an internship at Ambrosiere with Rian Ambrose, with whom he's struck up a bit of a friendship, but more in a mentor/mentee sort of way. He looks up to and respects Rian immensely for the fashion line she's created, and hopes to one day follow in her footsteps.

In the meantime, he's been extremely proud to watch his twin's music career skyrocketing, even though his world tour has meant that they haven't seen each other in ages. He's missed his twin desperately, and can't wait until Angel's back in New York, where they can get their own apartment together, and be close again.

Austin Wesley Shaw is an original character created for the [community profile] dreamlikenewyork PSL. His story and all writings contained therein are the original work of his creator. Aaron Tveit is his PB, and belongs to himself. No profit made. Just lots of fun.

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